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women's circle's for healing + empowerment

AWAKEN, is a sacred space where women gather twice a month for profound healing, empowerment, and connection. In our circle, we delve into the depths of womb healing, somatic movements, and sacred sexuality practices, fostering a transformative journey towards healing, inner awakening and self-discovery.

What You'll Experience

Monthly Womb Healing + Awakening Ceremonies
You'll learn to honor the sacredness of the feminine energy and the power held within your womb space. Through monthly ceremonies, guided by intuition and ancient wisdom, we create a nurturing environment for healing and awakening. These ceremonies serve as a catalyst for releasing stagnant energy, old wounds, and societal conditioning stored within the womb, allowing for profound transformation and renewal.

Somatic Movements for Releasing Trauma and Emotions
Our bodies carry the imprints of our experiences, including trauma and suppressed emotions. Through somatic movements, we explore gentle yet powerful practices designed to release tension, trauma, and emotional blockages stored in the body. By reconnecting with the wisdom of our bodies, we facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, restoring balance and vitality to our whole being.

Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy Practices
 You'll learn to recognize the sacredness of sexuality and its profound connection to our overall health & well-being. Through guided practices and discussions, we explore the depths of sacred sexuality and intimacy, reclaiming our innate sensuality and honoring our bodies as temples of divine expression. These practices foster deeper connection with ourselves and others, inviting us to embrace pleasure, authenticity, and vulnerability without shame or judgment.

Connection with Like-Minded Soul Sisters & Embodying Self Love
Our circles offer a supportive community of like-minded women who are on the same journey of healing and empowerment, fostering connection, understanding, and sisterhood. Through the practices and experiences offered in our circles, women are invited to embrace and embody self-love, honoring themselves as divine beings worthy of love, respect, and reverence.

AWAKEN is more than just a women's circle—it is a sacred journey of healing, empowerment, and awakening. Join us as we honor the wisdom of the feminine, reclaim our power, and embrace the fullness of our being. Together, let us journey towards wholeness, authenticity, and self-love.

Value You'll Receive Every Month:

Monthly Womb Healing + Awakening Ceremony

$250 VALUE

Monthly Somatic Healing + Sacred Sexuality Practices

$200 VALUE

Opening Your Heart + Connecting with Your Soul Sisters


Total Monthly Value: $450

What You'll Actually Pay:
In Person Women's Circle
(Sioux Falls, SD)

$ 111/ month 
✔️ We meet twice a month in my healing hut or out in nature as the weather allows

✔️ Access to Zoom recordings and replays if you miss a session due to traveling or illness

✔️ Limited to 7 women

✔️ Circle Dates & Times - 7-9pm CST:

    • May 1st, 15th
    • June 5th, 19th
    • July 10th, 24th
    • August 7th, 21st
    • September 4th, 18th
    • October 9th, 23rd
✔️ Applications open March 1st + close April 21st

Are you ready to AWAKEN? 

Online Women's Circle
(meet via Zoom)

$ 111/ month
✔️ We meet twice a month via Zoom

✔️ Access to Zoom recordings and replays if you miss a session due to traveling or illness

✔️ Limited to 9 women

✔️ Circle Dates & Times - 7-9pm CST

    • May 9th, 23rd
    • June 13th, 27th
    • July 18th, 25th
    • August 15th, 29th
    • September 12th, 26th
    • October 10th, 24th
✔️ Applications open March 1st + close April 21st

Are you ready to AWAKEN? 

You can reach me via email at: chelsea@awakenedwomban.com