The top 3 podcast episodes of 2019

The top 3 podcast episodes of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, it's fun looking back and reminiscing on the past year's worth of podcast episodes and to see how much it's changed and shifted throughout the months.

From failures, to hiring, to navigating the tricky communication game of marriage, we've covered a lot of ground in 2019. That's why I'm sharing with you the 3 episodes with the most downloads! They challenged and inspired us, pushed us out of our comfort zone and changed our perspectives!

Trust me, they're worth another listen!

Coming in at #3 - Episode 23: Communication Tips for a Healthy Marriage

I have to say, I wasn't surprised at all to see this in the top 3 even though it only went live last month! It's a great episode where I'm joined by my amazing husband and we get real about:

  1. What our marriage looks like! How we are alike, and how we are so, SO very different. 

  2. Some tools we use to work through our differences (and how we handle BOTH wanting to be in control.)

  3. The weekly check-in routine that helps us to communicate and stay connected. 

Listen to Episode #23 HERE


At the #2 spot - Episode 12: Failure with Chelsea Giedd

This episode was the last of a four-part series I did all focused around failure and the bold women in our community who chose to share their story. In this particular interview, Shelly Gaddis turns the table and asks ME what failure means to me, what some of my BIGGEST failures were and how I set boundaries in all aspects of my life. 

Find out why I have a trouble even saying the word failure in this episode!

Listen to episode #12 HERE


And your #1 most downloaded episode of 2019 - Episode 2: Focus your time. Grow your business.

This episode was one of my MOST favorite episodes, and obviously yours too, for so many reasons!

First: I get to share with you something we implemented into our business that in just one year helped us grow by $100,000 AND spend 90% LESS on advertising!

Secondly: I talk about a book that completely changed my business, and I highly recommend EVERY leader reads!

And lastly: I share with you the difference between a hedgehog and a fox and why you want to be the slow, quiet and silly looking hedgehog. (figuratively speaking, of course) 😉

Catch episode #2 HERE


There ya have it friends, the 3 most downloaded episodes of 2019! Were either of these in YOUR top 3? Let me know your favorite by taking a screenshot of the episode and uploading it to social media with the tag @UnderneathTheClothes.

Thank you so much for all your love and support this year! I am SO excited for 2020 and all the amazing content coming your way!! Season 2 will pick back up again next week on January 7th where I'll be sharing with you what my goals are for 2020!

With love and gratitude,

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