"Why do you stay in prison, when the door is wide open?"

"Why do you stay in prison, when the door is wide open?"

"Why do you stay in prison, when the door is wide open?"

When I heard this I literally said out loud, "WOAH!!" Mind. Immediately. Blown.

How freaking intense is that line? Think about it. How often do we see what we want right in front of us, it's within arm's reach (or maybe it's a block away because we still have a lot of work to do) but instead of reaching out and grabbing it, or sprinting to the other side of the street, we simply give up because it's just too hard, or there's just too many unknowns or we worry that our neighbors or friends may find us just a little too crazy.

I'm guilty of this.

We all are. Fear is one the biggest factors that holds us back from doing exactly what it is that we want to do in life. But what is it that we are so fearful of? For me, one of my driving forces is fear of failure. I hate failing. Like REALLY hate it. When I sit down and look at why I actually hate to fail, it's because I don't want to look silly, or stupid or incompetent. And when I dive even deeper into this, what I'm faced with is my own insecurities. I promise you, most people in this world are so engrossed with their own lives, they won't even notice your failures. Sure, the people closest to you may mention something. But, those that are dear to you, those that love you the most, those are the people that will pick you up when you've fallen flat, brush off your hands and knees and remind you how freaking awesome you truly are!

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