How I felt about turning 30

How I felt about turning 30

Welp, October 25th, 2018 was the day! The day I left my 20s and adventured into my 30s!! I know this may be crazy to hear but I was BEYOND EXCITED to be turning 30!! For the first time, in my entire life, I am so incredibly happy because I am simply being me. I've learned how to give myself grace & how to love myself first, before inviting another person to share in that love. There are no masks I'm wearing, no facades I'm putting on and no one I am trying to impress. I am simply living a life being open, honest & vulnerable. I'm sharing my stories with others, inspiring change & focusing solely on me, my business and how to manifest the best relationships I possibly can! I'm eager to discover what new and wonderful things I will love and embrace about myself, the boundaries I'll set & the personal growth journey I'll continue to embark on. Not to mention, I've found the most amazing human to share my life and love with, the kind of guy that gives me butterflies in my stomach, makes me blush like a little schoolgirl and who is constantly supporting every step I take. I will marry this man in my 30s, I will have children with him in my 30s and I will continue to walk in the path God has so graciously laid in front of me, in my 30s.

When I told people I was turning 30, 50% of them said, "You will love it! You'll learn to love and embrace yourself more and you'll stop caring what other people think!" Check! ✔️

The other 50%, well, they mentioned something to me that I guess I never really thought of. Maybe it's because I simply still feel 20 something, and I get told often that I look younger than I am, or maybe it's because my 20s were hard, like REALLY hard, and I knew my 30s had to be better! But the other half, they mentioned "There's no going anywhere but down from here. Your looks will start to diminish, your health will fail, and your prime years are gone." Is it crazy to think NONE of those thoughts crossed my mind? Because what I try to focus on, and what I'm going to challenge you to do, is to focus on all the good you have in this life. I wake up everyday and thank God for another day. When hard things come my way, and let me tell you there are and will continue to be hard things happening, I try and find the good from it. In the hardest of times, I always know there is a lesson to be learned, a way to grow through the experience and honestly don't we all just get wiser with age anyways? 

So, if you're getting ready to start a new decade and if you're feeling sad about it or you're not sure how to handle it, this is what I love to remind myself: You are so incredibly lucky to be alive. You are blessed to have a body that works and arms & legs that can do what you need them to do. You are blessed to have a brilliant mind that can think quickly and rationally. You are so incredibly blessed to have been given a heart that loves and accepts everyone. You are blessed to have the family, friends and relationships that you have. 

You, YOUNG lady, are blessed for all the good and bad you've experienced in life. God knows how incredibly strong and amazing you are, he sees you, and all he wants is to see you grow, flourish and help those along the way see how incredible THEY are. Keep your head up, I promise you, life looks really incredible when you start shifting your focus on all the amazing things happening, no matter your age! 

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OMG we have the same birthday 🎂
How I am moved by what I have read so far Thanks for sharing

Dorothy A Meier

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