Closing out 2018

Closing out 2018

It’s really hard to believe that 2018 has only a few days remaining! I don’t know about you, but 2018 was quite the year for me. There was SO much growth & learning, transforming, boundary setting, figuring out who Chelsea is outside of the walls of Chelsea’s Boutique and really finding my passion again.

In 2018, I took complete control of my business. For the first time EVER I paid myself more than any employee, I worked less than 40 hrs a week (and didn’t feel guilty) and I spent a lot of time creating and perfecting our culture, hiring process, onboarding and brand so that the business can run (almost completely) without my hands being on it. 

I practiced the art of “working on the businesses, not working in it." I hired a coach that helped me overcome my fear mindset and all of this manifested into our BIGGEST YEAR EVER plus $100,000 growth over last year! And the kicker? 90% decrease in marketing expenses. 

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|| Sorry, got a little distracted from my excitement. :) Back to the REAL reason why we're here. ||

Think & Reflect on 2018

At the end of each year, I really love to take December 31st to think and reflect back on the year:

  • What were my wins?
  • Where did I grow?
  • What were the tough moments I made it through?
  • What boundaries did I set?
  • What do I need to grieve that I didn’t take the time to?


My goal with ending the year, and beginning a new one, is to leave all of 2018 in 2018. I don’t need to bring any negative experiences or stories with me, and on the flip side, I need to make sure I take time to really celebrate and reflect on my wins! (I’m really awful at celebrating myself and “Celebrate” is actually going to be one of my words for 2019, but more on that a little later.)

Once I’ve journaled all of this out (it probably takes around an hour or two) I will share them with Thad and we’ll reflect on all of it together. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry (scratch that, I will cry), :) we’ll pump our fists in the air and high five each other and we’ll make sure to help one another remember it all. We'll celebrate each other and all that 2018 brought for us individually and as a couple.

Light the Flames

Once we’re done sharing, I like to write down the really hard moments on small pieces of paper. The moments that I want to make sure stay in 2018 and don’t follow me into the new year.

One by one, I hold them in my hands, close my eyes and say a prayer over them (Ho’oponopono is a really great one! - I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.) Repeat as many times as you need. Sometimes I will take time just to talk with God, asking him to please heal this moment in my heart and my soul. Don’t forget to take a lot of long, deep breaths during this process. This time is for you to reflect, forgive, heal & move forward. 

When I’ve gotten to a point where I feel really good about that experience and I can smile again, I take a lighter and set it on fire. That's right! Burn it! I do this is in a small metal trash can in my sink. You could also use your fireplace or an outside fire pit. (Please be careful and aware of smoke detectors. I turn on my faucet to make sure to put out any flames right away.)



2019 Goals & Focus

Once I’ve tackled each moment & memory that I want to make sure stays in 2018, it’s time for me to start thinking about 2019.

  • What do I want out of 2019?
  • What are my goals?
  • What will be my wins?
  • What do I want to experience?
  • Where do I need to focus my time and where can I stop focusing my time?

Take some time here and really think about 2019 and your dream life. What will it be? Anything you want is possible, all you have to do is truly believe that you can have it and that you DESERVE it. Journal it out. When you’ve completed that, look over what you’ve written out. Do any words come to mind when you see where you want to focus your time and energy in the new year? I haven’t done this process yet, but I already know that my words for 2019 are going to be: Celebrate & Connection.

My Words for 2019

Like I mentioned earlier, I am really awful at celebrating myself and my wins. I am wonderful at celebrating others, but when it comes to myself, I never seem to “have the time” or think “what I just did is worth celebrating.” Having high activator & achiever in my top strengths (Clifton Strengthsfinder) once I’ve completed something, it’s immediately on to the next.

I don’t take the time to celebrate because I’m too excited to begin something new. This has caused a LOT of burn out in my life, heavy roller coaster rides and sometimes thoughts of WHY exactly am I doing all of this, what’s it all for? In this new year I will take time to actually CELEBRATE when I’ve accomplished something on my goals list, set a new boundary that was really hard, close on our new house and so many more things that are going to happen in 2019 that I am beyond excited about! Thad helped me create a list yesterday of things that will help me celebrate, because in the past, I wasn't sure even how to celebrate.

Connection is my other word for 2019. In 2018, I can’t even tell you how many personal development or business books I read, how many podcast episodes I listened to, how many dollars I spent on conferences, online training and programs so that I could grow and build my mind to where it is now. A place where I know I can help others with all that I’ve learned and experienced. Now, it’s time for me to put down the books, step away from attending anymore personal develop conferences in the year, and solely focus on my connection with each of you, my family, God and the universe.

I’ve started picking up the bible in the morning, instead of a business book. I plan on spending more time with my family. I want to create a small tribe of women who are my people, the ones I turn to and spend my time with and I want to connect more with my community and each of you to help you grow and flourish in the new year.

How will you close out this year? What are you most excited for in 2019? Do you know what your words or word for the new year will be? I’d love to hear from you! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @UnderneathTheClothes, send me an email to or leave a comment below. I know 2019 is going to be absolutely incredible!

I love and appreciate each and everyone of you,

“So I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.”

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