Beginners Guide to Smudging Your Home

Beginners Guide to Smudging Your Home

You may have seen my instagram stories or other's talking about smudging. Or maybe you've seen beautiful bundles of sage and have been wondering where you even begin. I'm hopeful this blog post will answer any questions you may have!

Burning sage is an age old ritual known as smudging and it can be used to cleanse your home, or you, of stagnant energy. Think of it like an energetic shower. We all know what it feels like to be around positive people who are enjoying themselves, laughing and having a good time. Your energy will start to raise to their vibrational energy and you'll be laughing and having a good time too!

The same is true with the energies within homes and spaces. We've all walked into a space or home before and instantly felt a feeling of love or connection there. That feeling is the energy present in the space.  

Since I work from home often and have clients in our house, there are a lot of different energies coming and going within our home. So, at least once a month (if not more often) I will smudge our entire house.

Typically I can tell our space needs an energy cleansing when:

  • There's low moods felt within our home
  • There's feelings of stuck or stagnant energy (the air sometimes feels heavy)
  • It feels like communication and feelings are being more difficult to express between me and my hubby
  • I'm having bad or terrifying dreams that are disrupting my sleeping pattern

While smudging is ideal for clearing the air on an energetic level, it also has a few other practical uses. It releases negative ions that fight against things like dust and pollution. Research has also shown that it can clear 94% of bacteria (for up to 24hrs) which is why it's great to use when you've not been feeling well!

What materials do I need to begin?

  • Sage, palo santo or smudge spray (smudge sprays are great if the smoke is too harsh for you or you're smudging your car or work space)

  • Fireproof container; an abalone shell like pictured here is ideal but a plate or bowl you don't mind getting a little stained and is 100% fireproof will also work

  • Candle or matches to light the smudge stick

  • Feather (optional) to waft the smoke - you can also just use your hand :)

  • A way to extinguish the stick; use a bowl of sand, earth or simply press the stick into the fireproof container until it has been extinguished

What should I say?

When smudging you can say an affirmation or prayer before lighting the smudge stick and after, or like me, you can say it during the entire process over and over again. I tend to say "Please cleanse our home of any energy or negativity that does not support me and my family and fill our space with the highest energy of unconditional love." 

Just take some time before beginning and connect with yourself. What you're meant to say will come to you and there's no right or wrong way to approach it.

How do I get started?

First things first, make sure you home is picked up. It doesn't need to be spotless but empty the dishes from the sink, pick up clothes from around your room and put away anything you have sitting out on your bathroom sink that isn't normally there.

Open as many windows as you can, front and back doors, closet & cupboard doors and any dresser or kitchen drawers. Energy can get stagnant in closed places and we want to make sure the energy is cleansed throughout your entire space and home.

When you're ready to begin, tilt your sage to a 45 degree angle over your fireproof bowl and light it. Let it remain on fire for about 30 seconds than blow out or shake the flame. Place it in your bowl and begin at your front door. Walk around your home clockwise, carefully using your hand or a feather to waft the smoke into all areas of your home. Make sure to get behind doors, in closets and any other small spaces that energy may be trapped in. 

When you get to stairs just go up or down them. Then keep moving clockwise until you meet the stairs again. Then continue to go down or up the stairs and resume the main floor. 

If you feel called to, recite your prayer/affirmation out loud or to yourself as you carefully make your way around the space.

You may need to relight your sage stick to make it around your entire house. Just stop where you are, grab your candle or match, and light it again at a 45 degree angle. 

*If you are using a smudge spray, simply spray it in all corners of each room, in closets and small spaces where stagnant energy may be trapped.

How do I finish the smudging ceremony?

When you arrive back to your front door, say a final prayer or affirmation. Visualize your entire home being filled with bright, white light. You can also thank the sage for all it's good work.

Once complete, place your smudge stick in a bowl of sand, the earth or press it into your fireproof bowl. DO NOT PUT IT UNDER WATER unless you plan on not using it again. Smudge sticks can be very hard to light again after being wet. Never leave a lit sage stick unattended. Make sure it is completely extinguished before putting it away or walking away from it.

You should feel a sense of peace and light after the smudging ceremony is complete. :)


Let me know if this blog was helpful and if you'll be smudging your own home! And if you're in need of some local, sustainably sourced products, check out my spiritual and wellness line here.

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