Womb Healing + Awakening

Our Womb is our deepest source of power as women. It’s where our emotional safety and security stems from. It’s our sense of self and identity and our confidence and intuitive wisdom. It’s where we experience deeper intimacy and pleasure within ourselves and with others. When we are not in touch with our Womb consciousness, we lose touch with our body’s pleasure and therefore life’s pleasure. We are unable to find creative solutions to our problems and have issues in our relationships, especially sexual and romantic ones. 

But, when we’re able to reawaken our sacred Womb space by healing all the emotions, trauma, and feelings that we’ve stored within her, from this life, past lives, and generationally, we’re able to remember who we truly are. We’re able to find our center of bliss, joy and unimaginable pleasure.

We no longer look to outside sources to make us feel loved or whole, as we remember that we are the true definition of wholeness and love. 

Below are some examples of the work we do in Womb Healing + Awakening sessions

Listening to the Womb

This practice creates a connection with your Womb that will allow communication and dialogue to flow in a natural way. You will deepen into your awareness of your Womb space and become aware of your Womb’s physical and emotional journey throughout your life.

Energetically Healing the Womb

You will bring powerful, precise frequencies of Manifest Healing Light into the Womb at a physical and energetic level. This will empower you to begin the important process of clearing the wounded “herstory” of your Womb and will allow you to invite healing intention to the very deepest levels including your cells, your DNA and the physical structures around your Womb.

It will allow you to release old memories, traumas and emotions so that you feel safe to fully inhabit your Womb space again. You will also consciously awaken the feminine light of your Womb, or your feminine Sun, so that this light can begin to shine through you, bringing a more expanded and grounded presence into your life.

Clearing Masculine Wounding + Imprints

At in individual, collective and multi-generational level our wombs carry not only our life story, and the story of our feminine ancestors, but also the story of wounded men whose energy we have taken in through sexual intercourse and imprinting. We have embed this toxic energy in our wombs, and are literally storing and holding emotions and woundedness that is not ours, and this has a had deep impact on our minds, emotions and bodies. During this practice, we will clear all your sexual history out so that you can return to the sacred temple of love that you are meant to be.

We will also call in the Divine Masculine energy so you can experience what that energy and frequency is like and start to attract partners who are in the frequency of
the Divine Masculine instead of their woundedness.

Anger + Emotional Release

Anger is a natural emotion and part of our signalling system. Anger often tells us that our boundaries have been violated or that something has happened and we need to defend ourselves. However, we are often conditioned to deny, hide, or be ashamed or self judgmental of our anger.

This practice will validate your whole range of emotions including your feelings of anger and allow you to safely release them without harming yourself or others. It will also help you to re-establish healthy boundaries in key relationships where boundary violation has occurred and increase your emotional balance, helping you reconnect to your self love.

Healing the Distorted Feminine + Soul Loss Retrieval

This practice will help you recognize how your experience of being invaded has left you shattered and hollowed - leading to a distorted feminine state within you that essentially feels empty. You may find yourself trying to filling this emptiness with food, drugs, alcohol, shopping or one night stands. Through this practice, we will heal and restore your broken vessel and call and bring back many aspects of your energy and power that have been lost through trauma and wounding.

You will also identify the way in which you embody the distorted feminine, clearing these from your life and embracing your light and beauty as something eternal, independent of your age and stage of life.

Ancestral Healing of the Mother Line

Through this practice we go deeper into your healing journey and explore your Maternal line - the imprints of suffering, trauma and disempowerment experienced by your female ancestors and transmitted to you in various ways through the Womb. This ancestral work also works at a collective level including cultural projections and beliefs such as woman and her sexuality being evil.

You will invite in your feminine ancestors (and descendants) to heal the line of Womb transmission of generationally held wounds and trauma liberating themselves, and your, from this pain and suffering.

Clearing the Feminine Savior + Over-Giving Mother Archetypes

This practice will clear two types of relationship patterns that erode the energetic integrity of the Womb
• The Feminine Savior - she who “takes in the sufferings of the world”
• The Over-giving Mother - “she who feeds others with her own energy”

When the Feminine Savior energy remains unresolved at a cellular level it leads to:
- fatigue
- overweight and bloating
- physical illness in the womb and / or digestive system
- feeling over-burdened with the pain and needs of others

Over-giving Mother energy will often result in you being exhausted. You are so busy giving out your valuable Womb energy to others that there is nothing left in your core energy for you to give to yourself.

Clearing Energetic Entanglement and Co-dependency

This practice will help you to understand the nature of codependent bonds, or energetic
entanglement, and how they are experienced in relationships. You will distinguish between the vertical nature of our being (anchored between heaven and
earth) and the horizontal nature of codependent bonds.

You will then release yourself and others from these bonds so that each person can experience themselves in their self-empowered internal relationship of

Healing the Ovaries + Eggs

Healing our Ovaries is a vital aspect of Womb Healing. The Ovaries are a hugely important part of the spiritual consciousness and physical function of the Womb. They are the powerhouse of our reproductive system, creating and storing the eggs, and producing estrogen and progesterone, important hormones that help to regulate the
feminine menstrual cycle.

In this practice, will clear your ovaries from the emotions of fear, and
restore the genetic inheritance of your “jewels” or eggs, releasing ancestral trauma and restoring a divine blueprint of being in the genes and chromosomes of the eggs.

Preparing for Conscious Conception

Preparing the Womb for Conscious Conception invites you to take stock of your fertility story to date (if there is any trauma or shadow to be a released from this) and to
consciously prepare your womb energetically to receive new life. The purpose of this is to help you create an optimal physical, emotional and energetic environment for a child to gestate - so that the child might receive the safety, nurturance and love of her Womb without taking on wounded imprints from the past.

This practice is ALSO helpful for any woman who has felt creatively blocked in other ways.

In this practice, we will help heal past trauma and emotional scars related to childbirth trauma, miscarriage, abortion and infertility trauma and bring your Womb into a fullness of high vibration energy that is in resonance with carrying life, particularly the new generation of human beings that are part of the “shift” into our divine blueprint of being.

Connecting Womb + Earth

When we fully connect our Womb to the Earth we can experience a new sense of openness and receiving. This practice is very helpful when you have a tendency to be ungrounded, in the head, spaced out, anxious or fearful. It will help you to connect to the deepest part of yourself through the Womb.

This practice will help you forge a conscious connection between your Womb and the Earth so that you can directly experience the love connection between you and Mother Earth.

Custom Created Healing Journeys

Womb healing and awakening is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I custom create a plan specific to you based on where you're at energetically, what you've experienced in your past, where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there.

Womb healing and awakening can take anywhere between 6-24 months with 1-4 sessions happening each month. The energetic exchange for each 2 hour session is $200.

The Healing Hut

The healing hut is located in my backyard sanctuary and is where the incredibly, powerful work happens. You'll be closely connected to our great mother, by laying, dancing, relaxing and grounding yourself upon her. Experience liberating healing ceremonies in this womb-like hut surrounded by nature and all it's peace and beauty.

Sessions via zoom, for women outside of Sioux Falls, SD, are also available.


Womb Awakening is Calling You

Whether you are in a relationship now, but struggling with intimacy and trust because of your past sexual trauma, are looking to uncover and release, energetically, why you keep attracting the wrong men in your life, are wanting to prepare for pregnancy, or address fertility issues, by clearing out all the wounding and trauma in your womb, or are wanting to finally connect with yourself on a deeper level, so you trust your own intuition, womb awakening is calling you. 

Shamanic Womb Healing only works with women who are choosing an EMPOWERED stance to their trauma and have enough temporal and spatial distance from their trauma.

If you are interested in Womb Healing but are still being triggered daily by your trauma, or are completely disconnected from your body, Somatic Therapy is where we should begin first.


"Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to properly heal from the trauma of my past. As a Myofascial therapist, I understand how the body holds trauma whether it's emotional, physical, mental, sexual or in utero and knowing the importance of releasing and letting go. In talking with Chelsea, I knew I needed to do this not just for my mental health but for my kids, my marriage, relationships, clients and even future generations.

I love walking into Chelsea’s back yard and immediately grounding in the grass, taking in the sunshine and feeling safe and at ease. I can be vulnerable, ugly cry, scream, yell, dance, or just lay in peace, whatever the session brings. Chelsea guides with love and compassion and you can feel it radiate off of her in every session. Each session is always intuitively tailored to my needs in the moment and has always been spot on to what I've needed at that exact moment to heal and move on.

I have recently started digging deeper in my faith with Jesus. I have been praying for months now to feel him in a way that I’ve never felt before, to feel his unconditional presence. During my masculine energy session, I got to that level. I felt him so present as he filled me up with so much love. I was on a Jesus high! I never have had that feeling, not even in church.

That’s one thing I love about these sessions is that it doesn't matter what your spiritual beliefs are or what they might turn into. Chelsea never criticizes or critiques what you believe or what you feel. She listens, loves and understands. These womb healing and awakening sessions have been so life altering for me that I can honestly say that since starting my cycle has become pain free, I know my God given purpose, and I love and respect my body more than I ever have. I can't wait to keep going and continue to see more progress and more growth. Thank you Chelsea for offering such deep healing that I truly believe all women should experience!" 🥰 - Kelly Q.