Somatic Therapy

True healing comes when we work in tandem with both the mind and the body. Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice (ISTP)™ is a Body-Centered Soul-Based Psychotherapy for healing trauma.

When we experience any kind of trauma, which could be a traumatic event but also the absence of love, safety, trust, belonging and connection, we push these tough emotions and feelings down in the body. Over time, these emotions/stress/trauma that are stuck within the body start to cause physical and mental issues.

With Somatic Therapy, we work "bottom-up", meaning we work with the body first, and the mind and memories second. In talk therapy, it's a "top-down" approach working with the mind and emotions first and landing in the body later on down the road.

Talk Therapy: "Tell me what happened to you"

Somatic Therapy: "What are you noticing in your body?"

Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice Intuitively Uses The Following Healing Modalities 

Restorative Yoga Postures

By easing into restorative postures, we're able to bring your body in to a space of deep relaxation and comfort allowing yourself to feel safe in your own body.

Mindfulness + Breathwork Practice

Through guided mindfulness practices and the power of your breath, you'll heal trauma by releasing core tension and blocked emotions, opening up ways for you to experience life with a greater sense of peace and clarity.

Touch & Bodywork

With gentle, hands on touch, we can bring you back into your body, while also reducing the experience of pain associated with any past touch trauma. We also use massage and opening of the fascia, as a way to bring emotions to the surface that have been buried down into the body for years.

Resilience Enhancement

If you find yourself easily triggered into fight/flight or shutdown responses, it's because your window of tolerance has become very narrow. Through titration: bringing you into your deep emotions and back to a place of peace and ease, we increase the window of tolerance and your resilience.

Stress and trauma do not just go away when ignored. They show up in your body instead.

Session Details

Somatic therapy is not a linear healing modality. It is custom curated for you, each session, based on what's showing up in your body that day.

Depending on where you are, and where you want to go, somatic therapy can take anywhere between 6-24 months with 1-4 session happening each month. The energetic exchange for each 2 hour session is $250.


The Healing Hut

The healing hut is located in my backyard sanctuary and is where the incredibly, powerful work happens. Experience liberating healing ceremonies in this womb-like hut surrounded by nature and all it's peace and beauty.