Womb Healing & Reconnection Retreat

January 31st-February 7th, 2024

It's time for you to heal and reconnect to your sacred womb space in the lush jungles and hot springs of Costa Rica.

Through daily healing and embodiment practices, organic meals, and relaxation, you will release what no longer serves you and reconnect to your womb and divine feminine energy.

With the assistance of the natural, healing land of Costa Rica and a community of like-minded soul sisters, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

(Space is limited to 8 women - 1 spot remains)

  • Releasing Trauma & Past Imprints

    Release trauma you've taken in through unloving sexual experiences, manipulation, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse. You'll also release imprinted patterns taken in as a child from father figures such as being cold, distant, angry or invasive.

    Reset your energy around the masculine to attract partners aligned with love, light, and goodness.

  • Reclaiming Love and Compassion within Your Body

    Through somatic movement, dance and grounding exercises, you’ll find a deep love, respect and connection with your extraordinary body. Feeling more open, receptive, and joyful and discovering self love and compassion at levels you may have not experienced before.

  • Reconnecting to Your Intuition

    Experience profound healing ceremonies that help you reconnect with your inner power and feminine intuition. Gain the confidence to trust your decisions and no longer rely on external feedback.

    You’ll also learn to regain trust with the masculine and experience the divine masculine energy as one that’s loving, caring and supportive.

  • Healing Your Ancestral Lineage

    Be the one to break the cycle, it stops with you.

    You have the power to summon your female ancestors to assist in the healing of generational wounds and trauma that have been passed down through the womb, from your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and all the way down the line.

  • Discover Your Soul Sisters

    Create new friendships with like-minded women who are on the same healing journey.

    Find inspiration, love, and support in a safe space with soul sisters.

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Join us for 8 days / 7 nights in Costa Rica!

January 31st-February 7th, 2024

All-inclusive Womb Healing & Reconnection Retreat

Queen Bed - $4500 (1 left)

(Pay in full and payment options available)

This is a chance for you to fully let go, surrender and travel inward to release and heal so that you can activate your innate feminine magnetism.

This retreat is a blend of deep inner work, expansion, and adventure.

(flight not included in price)

What's Included:


Enjoy your time away at a beautiful, remote reforestation lodge with views of Volcano Tenorio, Río Cote National Forest, and Lake Nicaragua.

All bedrooms have private terraces overlooking the rainforest and plains of Guatuso and Lake Nicaragua

One of the many reasons we picked this lodge, is because it puts all income back into supporting reforestation efforts. You will even be able to plant trees, while here, if that appeals to you!

All furniture, doors, and interior finishings are from native, sustainably harvested woods, hand crafted by local master woodworkers.

All Meals

When you attend a retreat, all that you should focus on is your healing and transformation, which is why all meals, snacks and fresh pressed juices are prepared for you daily! (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Organic* and locally sourced*.)

You'll experience local chefs and cuisines, a grill master and even a full staffed farm to table dinner on our last night together.

*when available


Transportation to and from the airport and to all off-site activities will be provided for you!

Deep Healing

Chelsea will be your Shamanic Womb Guide on this retreat, taking you on a very unique experience as you reconnect to and heal your sacred womb space.

Sacred Womb Awakening practices are very powerful. They draw upon light healing work, intuitive journeying, deep authentic sharing and more. These practices call for high levels of self-awareness and self-responsibility.

Awakened WOMBAN Photoshoot

We will end this incredible week with a deeply empowering photoshoot with Susan, our on-site professional photographer.

With over 20 years experience, Susan will capture your inner feminine essence and awakened womban confidence.

You'll receive 10 professionally edited files, with the serene Costa Rica landscape, delivered to your inbox.

Access to "Locals Only" areas

Susan is a Costa Rica expert and will be our guide, taking us to a few places you would never find without knowing the locals!


All gratuities for on staff chefs, cleaners, excursions and transportations will be taken care of.

Schedule of Events

This is a tentative schedule for our week away in paradise. Each day is filled with deep healing work, relaxation, and releasing all that no longer serves you! Don't forget to pack your favorite hiking shoes, an outfit you feel incredible in for your photoshoot and an open and receptive mind, body and soul.


Meet Your Retreat Guides

Chelsea Giedd

Chelsea is a shamanic womb guide who helps women reconnect with their sacred womb space, heal from sexual trauma, find safety and comfort in their bodies, and release their pain & triggers.

She is also a certified reiki master and somatic healer.

Susan DeWitte

Susan is our in house Costa Rica expert! After years of traveling on the off beaten paths of Costa Rica and making friends with the locals, Susan will be taking us to unique places for healing and transformation you won't find on a map.

She is also a professional photographer, of over 20 years, and will be capturing your radiant beauty during your photoshoot.

Join us in Costa Rica!

Dear one, you are meant to live a liberated, wildly delicious, bliss & pleasure-filled life. Dripping in love with who you are.

This is your birthright.

This week is a deep catalyst to rewrite & remember.

A journey of deep alchemy, transcendence and connection with your soul sisters.

A stripping away of all that no longer serves you in order to remember who you truly are.

Join us for this incredible, life changing week in Costa Rica!

(Space is limited to 8 women - 1 spot remains)