Episode #5 - Identify Giftedness & Talent

Episode #5 - Identify Giftedness & Talent


Show Notes

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Haley Samuelson, and I have to tell you guys, I am REALLY excited for this! Haley is going to talk about why Strengthsfinder is SO important in your business and I’ll share with you how taking this personality assessment actually helped me realize why I was starting to really hate my business for about a year a half, something you may just relate to!


Your action step of the week, if you haven’t taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment yet, do it. You can purchase the Clifton Strengthsfinder book anywhere where books are sold and inside will be a code to use on their website to access the assessment. If you have activator in your top and are wanting to take this immediately, you can head to www.gallupstrenthscenter.com and take the quiz directly from there without the hardcover book.

If you HAVE taken the assessment, share your top 5 with me! I totally nerd out on this stuff so I’d love to hear from you - take a screenshot of this podcast and upload to Instagram or Facebook with the tag @underneaththeclothes! Which ones surprised you and which ones made so much sense?

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