#49 - Finding your life path number with Alexander Kriech

#49 - Finding your life path number with Alexander Kriech


Friends, I am so glad you’re with me for today’s show!

My friend Alexander Kriech is here, and he’s sharing how numerology can help us understand our strengths, habits, and personal relationships.

Alex is a numerologist, intuitive, energy healer, and teacher.


He helps people get clear on their own energy by validating their soul’s experiences and putting that into words. 

Today, he’s going to explain what numerology is and how it can give you insight into your past and future. 


To show an example, he’ll be doing a live reading with me of my life path number.

And you’re going to want to stick around until the end, because he’ll also go through all of the birth date life path numbers from 1 through 9. 


So you can do a quick chart of your number by looking up your full birth date, and then listen along and see if you relate to his description of your soul!

If you’re thinking, “What? Life path number? How do chart that?” It’s actually really easy!

Just take the numerical value of your birth year, month, and day, and keep adding all of those numbers together until you end up with a single-digit number.

Or, simply plug your birth date into this Life Path Calculator by Token Rock. 


Ready for my conversation and numerology reading with Alexander Kriech!? 

Press play!


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  1. Connect with Alexander Kriech at http://www.akriechintuitive.com/. You’ll find links to his podcast, Youtube channel, Facebook page, and newsletter here!
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