#48 - The One Thing You Can’t Ignore If You want to Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

#48 - The One Thing You Can’t Ignore If You want to Discover Your Life’s Purpose.


    My beautiful friend, if there was just one piece of coaching advice that I could put in the heart of every woman leader out there, it would be this:

In order to find your purpose, to lead from abundance, and to live a life of fulfillment ~ it is crucial that you quit ignoring your strengths.

I believe this with every fiber of my being. 

Discovering my strengths is what literally transformed me from an exhausted, overworked entrepreneur into a business owner with a schedule full of only things that light me up. 

I know you might put up some resistance in hearing that I spend every day only doing tasks that I love, and that I do not run my businesses, or my life, from a place of hustle. 

Even so, my company is having its best year yet. All the while, I’m also enjoying my relationships with my husband and our family and friends more than ever, and working less. 

This may seem unreal to you because we are so conditioned to live in this push-through, work-harder mindset. 

But I am dead serious when I tell you that once I quit trying to do it all, and started leaning into my natural gifts and talents and creating my to-do list around using them, my whole life changed. 

From my own experience and from working with clients, I’ve come to recognize a pattern in people who are ignoring their strengths. 

So for today’s episode, I put together a list of 3 signs that indicate you have a routine or schedule that does not match up with your gifts and purpose. 

If you see yourself in any of these signs, I want you to know that today is not a day to feel down about your schedule or your choices.

Today is a day to celebrate that you are taking a huge, important step in becoming the leader and woman you want to be. 

Doing self-inventory is no joke, and I’m proud of you for showing up. 

Follow these signs and see if you relate to them. If you do, at the end of the episode, I have a way you can get $10 off of your Strengthsfinder assessment, so you can discover your strengths and take this important step in turning your life around, too.

Ready? Press Play. 


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  1. Episode #5 and #13 of the podcast.
  1. Email Chelsea@mypurposeful.life with the subject line: Strengths to get $10 off your Strengthsfinder assessment. 

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