How to set boundaries

How to set boundaries

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Beautiful friend, you’re a woman leader who shows up for others with a huge, giving heart. 

So I know you’ve spent at least some of your time being a people pleaser and putting yourself last on your list of priorities.

That’s why the word “boundary” might make you feel uneasy. We’ve been conditioned that boundaries are a bad thing. A sign of weakness or missed opportunities.

But today, we’re going to shatter this belief. Because here’s the real truth:

Boundaries do not hold you back. Boundaries set you free! 

They block out all the distractions and noise that keep you from going after your purpose. 

They force you to understand what really matters to you most, so you can guard your precious time and energy for just that.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll walk away with 5 steps for setting boundaries in your own life, so you can start taking control of your time and energy today.

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