6 questions to ask yourself before hiring a coach

6 questions to ask yourself before hiring a coach

Show notes

This episode was written for you, beautiful friend.

The one who has a tiny stirring in her heart that says, “Something about my life is off, and I want to feel whole.”

The one who thinks, “I feel content, but I have this goal that I really want to bring to life, and I would love someone to walk with me and help me put a plan in place to get there.”

I want you to know you are so loved. You deserve to have an amazing life where you feel confident and secure and fulfilled.

There’s a lot of chatter out there about coaching right now. You may be wondering how it can help you or if the investment is worth it. 

To help you sort out if a coach is really the guiding force you need right now, I came up with this episode of 6 questions you can ask yourself to take an honest inventory of your life as it is today. 

Press play and let’s get this free mini-coaching session started!

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