The power of letting go

The power of letting go


Show Notes

I wanna know, who started this claim that we have to “do it all” in order to run a successful business? 

 Have you ever thought, “If I just push a little bit harder, then I’ll be able to get XYZ done,” or 

“If I just work late three days this week and maybe a little bit on Saturday, then I’ll finally, maybe, be caught up.” 

I know I totally have, and maybe you have too.  It’s so easy to get caught up in this thinking that if you push through a little more, or work a few more hours, or sacrifice more of your personal life for your business, that you’ll reach this place of feeling accomplished and content. 

You're even more likely to fall into this mindset if you really love what you do. You’re passionate, hardworking, and more often than not, you say “yes” to giving more of yourself to others.    

I know all of this VERY WELL. If you weren’t passionate about your business, there’s no way you would’ve had the courage to start in the first place!

Adam Grant, a research professor, author of workplace psychology books, and famous TED Talk presenter reworked a famous quote and I kind of like it. You may know the famous line, "Do what you love and you'll never WORK a day in your life.” He remade it into, "Do what you love and you'll kind of work all the time.” And it’s true! If you love something you’ll get rather obsessive with it and it can quickly consume you.

But if you are the woman who feels like you’re constantly working but not really getting anywhere. Or the woman who loves her business but is feeling more and more completely exhausted by it that you’re thinking of giving it up. Then pay attention my beautiful, passionate friend, because I have some thoughts for you!

In my 10 + years of being a small business owner, I have felt the most in control, and the most empowered, not on the days when I had my hand in every single part of my business, but on the days when I stepped back and let my team take ownership. 

I’ll repeat that for you ladies in the back: 

The key to taking back control of your business is to quit doing it all, relinquish control & empower others to take on some of the ownership. 

Letting go is not weak, it’s actually really really powerful

It means getting back your time and energy, and igniting that fire that you had when you first started your business and were so excited about it every single day.

It also means having the freedom to step away from your business if you need to because you have an out-of-this-world team at your back handling everything until you return. 

You are amazing and you deserve to wake up each day and love what you do. So if you’re ready, let’s dive into today’s show and find out how to get off the hamster wheel and start letting go. Press play now! 

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