7 Steps to take Control of your Calendar

7 Steps to take Control of your Calendar

Show Notes:

You’re a high achiever, so I know you strive to get as much done as you possibly can every day & week! 

But sometimes it can feel like our calendar is the one running our life - instead of us running it (speaking from experience here 😉). 

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re changing all of that

We’re taking control of our calendars and finding that sweet spot of being our most productive. And, we’re doing it without sacrificing all of our free time to do the things we love outside of work in the process.

You’ll walk away from today’s show knowing:

  1. The SEVEN steps to taking control of your calendar (and getting back more of your most precious gift: your time).
  2. How good leaders put their biggest goals first
  3. How to consistently organize your week based on your energy and most productive time blocks, and how to stick to it!

Episode Freebies:

Free Time Blocking Template + Example

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Inspiration from this podcast came from:
Lisa Kuzman Coaching
Sarah Werner's Write Now Podcast
Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

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