My goals for 2020... and the harsh email that helped me create them

My goals for 2020... and the harsh email that helped me create them

Show Notes:

My 2019 was full of SO many ups: Getting married, buying a house, starting a business and life coaching company, launching this podcast, hiring 17 new employees, winning the EmBeliever Award, and supporting my hubby through his first TEDx Sioux Falls event! Whew!

There were also a few lows: Seven months of negative pregnancy tests, and finding out a couple of close friendships meant more to me than to the other people. 

For all the ups and downs, I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store. Whether you dive into goal setting with both feet, put it off until the last minute, or get fired up about your goals only to get sidetracked by February—this episode is for you! In it, you’ll learn: 

  1. My goal setting strategy for 2020, and how you can implement it too!
  2. The exercise you need to do before setting your next goal. (Spoiler: Get ready for a big dose of Truth & Vulnerability with this one.)
  3. A few of my favorite goal-setting resources to get you started. 


Episode Freebies! 

My daily morning routine 

My goal setting worksheets *Top Download

Blog post with the email template & responses *Asking for critical feedback from loved ones

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