Episode #25 - What to ask before making a job offer

Episode #25 - What to ask before making a job offer


Show Notes

You’ve found your ideal employee (cue all the champagne bubbles!!) and you might be thinking, 

“How can I truly welcome this person into my work family with open arms?”  🤔🤔🤔

How about with a job offer that is totally customized just for them!

Step into your new employee’s shoes for just a sec. Imagine how valued you would feel from day one if your employer took the time to not just hand you the same job offer as everyone else, but one they created it with your exact priorities in mind.

Sign me up, am I right?! Before you can make a job offer like no other, you have to really know your employee and what matters to them the most. This part of the hiring process is a small one, but it makes all the difference in setting the tone for your new work relationship. 

In today's of Underneath the Clothes Podcast, you’ll learn:

  1. Why it’s important to make a job offer before you present a contract.

  2. How to craft the perfect job offer by asking the right questions.

  3. The seven categories I have all of my new employees consider before I present them with a job offer. 

Get the 7 Key Points to Creating an Effective Job Offer HERE

Shout out to John T. Meyer of Lemonly in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. www.johntmeyer.com or @johntmeyer - for this idea that we've been using at the boutique for  years!

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