Episode #24 - When You Hire the Right People they Pay for Themselves

Episode #24 - When You Hire the Right People they Pay for Themselves

Show Notes

I remember thinking, β€œI am barely making enough money to pay myself, how am I going to be able to hire someone and pay them, too?”

Sound familiar?πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

If the cost is what’s holding you back from hiring someone to help you in your business, I understand that fear. But what if you flipped that thinking, and instead of only seeing the upfront cost of hiring, you saw all the things you stand to gain by hiring.Β 

Things like:

βœ… More time to work on your business, instead of just in it.

βœ… More time to do the tasks that align with your strengths and fill your cup (instead of depleting your energy).

βœ… More time with your family and friends (goodbye 80-hour work week!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹)

I mean, imagine if you hired someone for only 5 or 10 hours each week. What could you do in your business in that time to not just make that money back, but double it or even take it times five? You don’t have to hire full time to see a big difference. The key is hiring the right people, because when you do, they more than pay for themselves.

In this episode of Underneath the Clothes, we’re teaching you:

  1. How to hire someone in your small business even if you only have $50 or $100 each week to spare.Β 

  2. How to delegate tasks so you can get back to using your strengths in your business vs. doing everything else (and how this will help grow your profit).

  3. Why it’s so crucial that you take your time hiring.Β 


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