Episode #23 - Communication Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Episode #23 - Communication Tips for a Healthy Marriage


Show Notes

Question - how's the communication in your marriage?

Gulp. That can question can hit something deep within us!

In today's episode, I’m breaking tradition and inviting our only male guest to the podcast: my lovely husband Thaddeus Giedd! Thad and I work together on so many things-we are business partners and life partners, and on today we’re getting real about:

  1. What our marriage looks like! How we are alike, and how we are so, SO very different. 

  2. Some tools we use to work through our differences (and how we handle BOTH wanting to be in control.)

  3. The weekly check-in routine that helps us to communicate and stay connected. 

We’ll return to our series on hiring next week! In the meantime, get your copy of our weekly check-in routine in a free downloadable PDF, just click HERE

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