Episode #20 - How to Set Expectations

Episode #20 - How to Set Expectations

Show Notes

We are in our FOURTH episode in our hiring series on this podcast, and today we are talking about one of my favorite things: Setting Expectations. I am celebrating because I know this episode is going to change your business (and life!) for the better, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

For some people, the term “setting expectations” might seem a little scary. Maybe you’re picturing yourself having to give a stern lecture to someone else, or giving a boring presentation on rules, rules, and more…rules. But I promise this is not the case!

Setting expectations means you are laying the groundwork for open communication and accountability, and that happens BEFORE you hire. At Chelsea’s, we go over two sets of expectations during every interview:

1)      Employee’s Expectations, and

2)      Manager’s Expectations.

That’s right friends, expectations are a two-way street. We expect a lot out of our employees, but we also want them to know they can expect a lot from us as their managers.

Today’s show is all about communicating those expectations, and you’ll walk away knowing:

1)      How to identify your expectations and why it’s important to go over them during the interview process.

2)      Some examples of effective expectations for both employees and managers, and

3)      The benefits of having your employees take ownership of their expectations.

To listen to our first three episodes in this series, head to Episode #17, Episode #18, and Episode #19.

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