Episode #19 - How to Create an Effective Job Description & Application

Episode #19 - How to Create an Effective Job Description & Application

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Episode #19 How to Create an Effective Job Description and Hiring Process

Welcome to the THIRD installment in our series on hiring !🙌 If you’re new around here, so far we’ve learned: The reasons why you keep hiring the wrong people, and how to use your core values and mission statement to connect with your ideal employees.

To introduce today’s episode, I’m going to paint a picture for you of my early days of running Chelsea’s. Let’s see if you can relate:

When I first started hiring, I knew what qualities I wanted in my employees, but communicating those ideas with others was the tricky part. I figured the best way to find the employees I was looking for was to meet them first, so instead of writing down a job description and application, I had people stop at the store for interviews. Or, I’d schedule interviews with people just because they were recommended to me by others.

Raise those hands if this sounds all too familiar!✋

While this process might seem easier than writing out a job description and application, it actually takes sooo much more time and energy that is better spent elsewhere in your business. Think about it: You’re essentially interviewing every person who walks through the door, without knowing if they even really understand what they are applying for.

Instead, you want to make sure you are only interviewing the best candidates for the job by creating job descriptions and applications that really describe your expectations and values. Today’s show is your roadmap to doing just that. We’re talking about:

1)      Why you need a job description and application process for each position.

2)      The SEVEN things every effective job description should include, and

3)      The THREE application questions that are going to connect you with the potential employees you actually want to interview.

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