Episode #18 - Creating Your Core Values & Mission Statement

Episode #18 - Creating Your Core Values & Mission Statement

Show Notes

Which would you rather build:

A)      Another place to work, OR
B)      A tribe of people who work together for a bigger purpose?

If you said B, you’ve come to the right podcast. But how do you take your business from A to B?

It all starts by implementing your core values and mission statement into your hiring process.

In this episode, we:

1)      Identify & create your values and mission statement (or update them if it’s been a while since you’ve pulled them out of your desk drawer 😊).

2)      Get specific! Sister, you created your business, and you are what makes it stand apart from every other business out there. It’s all about developing core values and a mission that are as unique and amazing as you are!

3)      Dive into why your values and mission need to be an integral part of your hiring process and how you can make that happen.

The best people who have ever worked for me have said in their interview, “I want to work here because in your job description, your core values are literally my own core values.” Those are the kinds of people you are looking for (#Tribe Material!). 

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