Episode #17 - Why You Keep Hiring the WRONG People

Episode #17 - Why You Keep Hiring the WRONG People


Show Notes

Pay attention sister, because I’m about to throw some tough love your way.

If you are having problems with your employees or problems hiring the right people—it is YOUR fault.

I’m gonna repeat that one more time for the ladies in the back: It is YOUR fault.

Those excuses we all use to blame everyone else when an employee doesn’t show up for a shift, or never meets expectations after they’re hired? It’s time to let those go for good. You know the ones I’m talking about. They sound like this:

 “There just aren’t any good employees who actually want to work!”

 “No one cares about my business like I do. If I want it done right, I have to do it myself!”

“I just cannot find anyone who is a good fit for my business!”

No, No, and No. If you’re going to point fingers or play the blame game, those fingers better be flying your way!

Can we still be friends? 😊 I know this might sting a little, but I also know it’s so important that you hear the truth: The only way you are going to start hiring the right people is if you as a leader take ownership of your own actions. And in this episode, we’re talking all about how you can do just that.

In today’s show we:

1)      Walk through how you can take your own personal inventory, so you can see the ways you are really showing up for your team.

2)      Talk about setting clear expectations (hint: they’re for your employees and you).

3)      Discuss the importance of hiring based on alignment with your core values and mission statement.

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