Episode #14 - Profit First with Megan Dahle

Episode #14 - Profit First with Megan Dahle


Show Notes

How many of you actually like looking at the numbers in your business? 

How many of you understand those numbers? 

And, how many of you think you are truly paying yourself what you are worth? 

Yikes! Tough questions, I know. But if the word “numbers” makes you shudder and want to escape into the land of chocolate and blissful unawareness, then stick with me on this one because Megan Dahle is about to shatter everything you ever thought you knew about sales, profits, and expenses.

Megan is a numbers girl, as you will find out in this episode. Growing up, she helped her mother with the books in her business, and since then her talents have only multiplied. (Pun intended 😊.) Megan has a master’s in accounting, is a highly sought-out virtual CFO, and a Profit First professional. She is also a business owner who has seen her own numbers go from down to up, so she can relate on a personal level with her clients.

I brought Megan on the show to tell us all about Profit First and how it can empower you to not only understand your money, but to manage it in a way that leads you to reaching your goals.  She shares about the mindset shift Profit First uses to get business owners to think of their profits FIRST, and how it's possible to pay yourself a salary that matches the talent and time you put forth while operating a business that fits inside of your expenses.

When I started using Profit First at Chelsea’s Boutique, for the first time in almost a decade of business, I actually started paying myself a real salary AND was able to put away $50,000 in savings for a down payment on our new home. Cue all the champagne bubbles!

The bottom line is this: Your money does not have to be a monster. It really can work for you, and I am proof of that. Listen as the lovely, witty, and extremely talented Megan Dahle talks about how every business owner can use Profit First.


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Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz: https://mikemichalowicz.com/.

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