Episode #13 – I’ve Taken My Clifton Strengthsfinder Assessment….Now What?

Episode #13 – I’ve Taken My Clifton Strengthsfinder Assessment….Now What?


Show Notes

Pssssttt! You, over there. I see you, quietly clicking through another personality quiz at your desk. You know your Myers-Briggs Type like the back of your hand, and you think it’s strange when people don’t introduce themselves with their name AND their top five Clifton Strengths. Can I just say: You are a girl after my own heart.

Hi, I’m Chelsea, Empathy, Relator, Developer, Includer, and Activator.

In all seriousness, there are a million and one leadership assessments out there, and it’s been shown time and again that knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial no matter what industry you’re in. But I have to ask: What good does it really do to take those assessments if you have no idea how to use your results to move your business forward?

That’s where this episode of Underneath the Clothes comes in. It’s safe to say if you know me, you know that the Clifton Strengthsfinder is one of my love languages. It not only helped save my business, but it is also an integral part of my onboarding process and one of the most important tools I implement with my business and life coaching clients.

I so clearly remember, though, what it was like to hold my Strengthsfinder results in my hand and wonder: Now What?  If that is where I am finding you at today my friend, I am here to help. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Which of your strengths you use (or don’t use) in each of your daily tasks.

  2. How to recognize patterns in your daily tasks, i.e., when you are doing the things you truly love, are you using your strengths? Or, when you find yourself just barely going through the motions, are your strengths showing up at all?

  3. And lastly, you’ll walk away from this episode knowing THREE simple things you can start doing right away to free up your time for only those tasks that set your soul (and strengths!) on fire.

What are you waiting for? Click the image above to get those Strengthsfinder results working for you!

Wondering just what the heck is the Clifton Strengthsfinder? Check out Episode #5- Identify Giftedness & Talent.

Ready to take the Clifton Strengthsfinder? Head to www.gallupstrengthscenter.com.

Want $10 off your strengthsfinder assessment? Send me an email to chelsea@underneaththeclothes.com for $10 off your assessment today!

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