Episode #12 - Failure with Chelsea Giedd

Episode #12 - Failure with Chelsea Giedd

Show Notes

This week I wrap up our fourth episode in this series on failure with a real treat for all of our listeners. This week you get to listen to my heart and why I care so much about what we do here at Underneath the Clothes. I dive right in with Shelly Gaddis talking about failure, vulnerability and how to set boundaries in all aspects of your life. We spent our time going deep on the topics that really matter to you!
In our conversation, I open up about my most recent failure (a word I have trouble even saying and you'll find out why in the episode!) and how I have grown to a point in my life that I will never look at the word failure in the same way. Take a few minutes to listen to our amazing conversation and the wise words that we will fill you with to encourage you on your journey to being a stronger leader in all aspects of your life!
Listen in on our conversation!
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Love your messages! Especially your why. We all should strive to empower each other! Sharing your heart and soul! Tacking fear with knowledge is a great tool.

Carla Snyders

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