Episode #10 - Failure with Amy Hoback

Episode #10 - Failure with Amy Hoback

Show Notes

Today’s episode is the 2nd part, of a 4 part series, where I'm joined by the very open and honest Amy Hoback as she shares with us a recent failure that she really struggled with and almost took her out. We also talk personal development and the key role it played in helping her to overcome this failure. Join us as we have a very raw discussion on failure.

If you got something from this episode, I ask that you please share it with a friend or two. Let’s start a movement where we talk about our failures and let’s get vulnerable with what’s really going on in our lives! If you LOVED the episode, take a screenshot, and share it on social media with the tag @underneaththeclothes. Your feedback keeps me to keep creating great content!

Your quote of the week: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.


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