Episode #1 - The WHY Behind the Podcast

Episode #1 - The WHY Behind the Podcast

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Show Notes

With each episode, my goal is to inspire and empower you take charge of your life and your business. Being an entrepreneur for over a decade has taught me a lot fun, but often hard lessons. I have gained a ton of knowledge in almost all realms of owning and operating a business and I know I can help you save money and grow your profit all while working less and taking control over your business, instead of it controlling you.

Because, let's be honest, entrepreneurship is hard! I'm not here to glamorize it and tell you starting a business, opening a 2nd location or year-over-year growth is fun & rewarding! It's difficult. It's scary. And it's incredibly lonely.

My goal, is to make it a little less difficult, a little less scary & a LOT less lonely. I have literally been through it all from the brink of bankruptcy (after an incredibly messy divorce) to completely bouncing back, IN. THE. SAME. YEAR. and having my biggest year ever! I've had years of being my only employee to now managing over 15. I started with running my facebook account off my personal page to now having a full time Brand & Content Manager that runs our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube channels. And I do it all without working a single day on the floor of my business, my sole job is to empower my employees and stay focused on the overall vision of the company, which is what I’m best at and what no other person can do the way that I can.

For a decade of my life, which equals exactly ⅓ of my life (I just turned 30) I have been Chelsea of Chelsea’s Boutique. I’ve been the lady who owns a clothing store. But what I have learned, what I have to share with you is far beyond clothes and how to run a successful boutique. What I have to share with you is so much deeper. What I have to share with you is underneath the clothes.

I am so incredibly excited to start this journey and to have you along with me. Starting a podcast has been on my #4 goal list of my top 25 goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. My action item for you this week?

What’s sitting on your #4 list? What’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals? I want to hear from you! Take a screenshot of this podcast, upload it to Instagram or Facebook with the tag @business.on.purpose. Maybe I’m just the person to help keep you accountable or to give you the push you’ve been needing.

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Know of a woman entrepreneur who wants to take control of her business? Feel like this podcast resonated with you? I’d love for you to share this with a friend, or two. Together, we can help entrepreneurship become a topic that gets talked about more often and our failures get celebrated!

Quote of the week: The world has enough women who live a masked insecurity. It needs more women who live a brave vulnerability. - Ann Voskamp

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You are amazing! I’m excited to hear more!

Brenda Jaton

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