A Players don't work for B Leaders

A Players don't work for B Leaders

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Have you ever had an employee leave and told yourself, “Well, I guess they just weren’t a good fit.” 

If you have, listen up: Turnover is about you as the leader of your business, and not about the employees who are leaving.

Did that sting a little?

 It might, and that’s a good thing! Because if you’re showing up as a B leader, you can bet you’re not going to attract A level employees. How you lead makes all the difference.

In today’s episode of Underneath the Clothes Podcast, I’m walking you through a leadership self-assessment to see how you rate in four important areas of management. 

You’ll walk away from this episode knowing where you are doing pretty well as a leader, and where you have room to grow.

The best part?

If you’re not where you want to be as a manager today, your story isn’t over yet. 

You absolutely have the ability to change and become an amazing leader— one who your employees want to work with and brag about to their friends!


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This was a very good exercise on a personal level. When hiring I always thought it was so important to offer the moon, you know when you are so tired of doing it alone you will do anything to get help. After doing the Leadership Self-Assessment it was obvious that was not fair to them or me. My feelings of overwhelm when I thought I wasn’t giving them what they wanted instead of the other way around I can now see how dissappointment would always be a huge factor.

Carla Snyders

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