The people that make up my winning team

The people that make up my winning team

Show Notes

You know you need to delegate some things in your business, but you’re stuck! Hiring someone full-time seems like a huge step, and you’re not ready to make that leap. 

Guess what my beautiful friend? You don’t have to hire full-time right away! What you can do instead, and what I often do at Chelsea’s, is hire someone part-time (even for as little as 5 or 10 hours a week) to do a handful of related tasks that they do very, very well and thrive doing!

This takes the pressure off of having to hire someone to take on a lot of hours right away, and it also ensures that the person you do hire will really, in core segments, help save you time and take things off your plate. 

I have over 20 employees at Chelsea’s, but if I add up all of their hours, altogether they probably work about as much as five full-time employees would. But instead of having five people who are possibly only partially working in their strengths, I have a large team of people, each of whom is super-honed in on their area of expertise and strengths. 

I know this might seem different than any other model of business out there, but to be honest, that is totally okay! Everyone’s business is unique, and this is what works for us, even if it is unexpected. 

I want you to have the courage to create the team that works for your business too—no matter what anyone else’s looks like! 

Join me in today’s episode of the podcast to learn more about my winning team and for ideas and inspiration on how you can build your own. 

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