The 3 Things I’ve Learned Since my First Hire

The 3 Things I’ve Learned Since my First Hire


Show Notes: 

I get excited about hiring because I know it means my business is going to grow in so many ways!  

Hiring means I’ll have more time to: 

  • Launch that new product/service/course that I’ve been dreaming about! 
  • Be the visionary for my company’s future!
  • Have the freedom to tackle my most important projects first and have enough time and energy for the people I love!

But there is another benefit to hiring that doesn’t get talked about as much. And here’s the part that might surprise you: It has nothing to do with your business, and everything to do with you as a person. 

In the last few years, I have transformed Chelsea’s from a one-woman operation to a team of over 20!. This shift has been one of the biggest transformations I have gone through not only in my business but on a truly personal level. 

I found out that when you have people on your team, it forces you to communicate your dreams and goals effectively with others. And it is an amazing lesson in letting go of control and accepting feedback that challenges you to think differently (If you’re convinced you have to do everything in your business for it to be done right, then this last bit is for you  😉).  

Hiring doesn’t just grow businesses, it grows leaders. If you’re ready to see big changes in your company and in yourself, then don’t miss Episode #30 of the Underneath the Clothes Podcast - The 3 Things I’ve Learned Since My First Hire. 


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I have a history of hires throughout the years. Many successes and a fear failures. The hardest lesson I learned was hiring a manager that sabotoged my business. Worked behind my back and started to when I left my business to do other things hoping my manager would work as hard as me to keep my business successful.. She worked hard to work other employees to take away my business, by the time I figured it out, she had completely changed passwords, all my business finances, and turned away clients. so I sold it to her, could not fire her as she held the cards, now knowing what I know after working with a coach my boundaries were ridiculous, and I could have prevented the sell out if I would have taken control and kicked her butt out. So that is my bad hire story.

Carla Snyders

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