Episode #22 - How to Actually Get to Know Someone in an Interview

Episode #22 - How to Actually Get to Know Someone in an Interview


Show Notes

Imagine knowing your future employees.

I mean really knowing them, like what motivates them, what kind of environment they thrive in, and how they respond to challenges. 

Now imagine knowing all of this BEFORE you hire them, not after. #GameChanger!!

One thing I hear over and over again from job candidates after they interview with Chelsea’s is that our interview process is unlike any other they've been a part of before.

And that’s a good thing! Because I truly believe an interview isn’t just your typical Q & A, but rather, it’s your chance to meet the people who share your values and will work alongside you toward your bigger mission! 

How amazing is that? As business owners, if we’re not excited to be meeting our future team members, then we’re not doing something right in the interview. 

So close that Google search on “Interview Questions” my friends, you won’t need that here because we’re crafting something so much better!

In this episode, we’re sharing:

  1. Details on the three types of interviews we do with all of our full-time employees.

  2. Interview questions that will really reveal if someone shares your mission, core values, and company culture.

  3. The hands-on activities that you should be doing in every interview to see your job candidates’ skills in action. 


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